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We offering many successful career oriented courses to our students by training them many FUTURE JOBS and Industry Skill Development Training Courses in Frontend Development. We are Experienced Professionals in UI / UX Web Application Development Industry.

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This course will cover the design, prototyping, and evalution of user interfaces for computers. The goal of the course is for students to learn how to design, prototype, and evaluate user interfaces using a variety of methods. In order to achieve this, students should come away with an understanding

UI Development Course will teach you the User Interfaces for Industrial and Product Development. In this course you will learn the principles of development, usuability improvement skills with Markup Languages, Scriptintg Language and the Industry oriented development interfaces for present and future devices.

User Interface Designing (UI Designing)
  • Creative Visualization- Principles of Design and Colour Theory

    Understand the Colour theory (2kinds of colour process) and the principles of design like emphasis, movement, perspective, proximity, complexity & intensity and unity & variety etc.

  • Creative Visualization-Photoshop Interface and Elements of Design

    Learn about Photoshop Interface and tools, filling selections with the Paint Bucket Tool, repairing an image with the Spot Healing. Understand the elements of design (line, shape, volume, value, texture etc.)

  • Graphic Design- Vector & Raster based Graphics and Motion Graphics

    Raster-based Graphic and Vector- based Graphic (Illustrator User Interface, Use of colour, tint, opacity and stroke thickness, Types of Selection Tools etc.). Understand Motion Graphics, Web-based ads, trailers, music videos & video signage, Typography and Camerawork, Rhythm & Repetition, Pattern and Timing

  • Graphic Design- Desktop Publication

    Learn what Desktop Publication and InDesign user Interface. Understand the Navigate & Set rulers, guides and measurements. Learn types of Logo Design, Basics of Typography, Flyer Design and Hoarding Design.

  • UI/UX Prototype and Wireframes

    Master the art of creating a wireframe and learn more about nouns and verbs. Learn how to prepare and object model by task preparation, task instructions and submission instructions. Learn how to create a task flow diagram, five navigation structures and sequential navigation.

User Interface Development
  • Introduction to the Web and HTML5

    Gain a deep understanding of the relationship between a client and a server, web requests, and response cycles (POST, GET). Explore HTML5 semantics elements: headers and footers, aside, article, canvas, local storage, Geo location, session storage and more.

  • Styling Sheets CSS, CSS3, SASS

    Style your HTML webpages with CSS, CSS Preprocessor (SASS)

  • Client Side Scripting: JavaScript & JQuery.

    Understand JavaScript fundamentals (Functions, Scopes, looping structures) with familiarity with JQuery libraries and jQuery Syntax & Selector. Learn about elements selection in jQuery, Attribute Selector, Filtering Elements, Handling Events, Events Types.

  • Frontend Web Framework: Bootstrap

    Design responsive websites with understanding of Bootstrap components, Forms, Grids, pagination and Glyph icons.

  • Animations, with CSS and Jquery

    Master User-centred design and understand what Analysis phase, High-level design phase and Verification phase is. Master Domain analysis, Role analysis and Functional analysis.